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Bug ID please

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  1. HopefullySafe

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue Oct 9 2018 2:00:54

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    So about three weeks ago, my girlfriend woke up with a bunch of bites that made me think bed bugs and since then I have been on high alert. I looked around the bedroom and the couch and couldn’t find any traces of bed bugs. No stains, skins, eggs or bugs. I bought climbups for the bef but haven’t found anything in it.

    Tonight, while we were watching tv, I noticed this bug climbing up the lamp and it looked like a bed bug to me, so I put it in a bag. On closer inspection, I’m not sure if it is, especially since a lamp seems like a weird place to see one. Also, when I moved the bag it seemed to retreat it’s legs into itself.

    Here’s the bug:

    Hopefully I’m wrong and it’s something else. As a side note, my girlfriend hasn’t had a bite since the day she woke up with a bunch. I know birds might not show up till 14 days later, but it it has been almost three weeks since, is that an indicator it was something else?

    Any help you guys can provide would be amazing!

  2. loubugs

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue Oct 9 2018 4:26:21

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    small beetle

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