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HELP! Bug ID needed - strange bug fragment?

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  1. acs80

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Wed Mar 13 2019 11:26:46

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    Hi there!

    I dealt with bed bugs a few years ago and was able to resolve the problem but am still, like many other survivors, haunted by BB anxiety and fear. I recently purchased some clothing on eBay and made sure that as soon as it came into my house, to immediately dispose of the packaging in my alleyway garbage cans and run the items through my Packtite for 4+ hours at 130 degrees or more. When I took one of the sweaters that I purchased out of the Packtite, I found this stuck to the inside. I immediately got scared, since it looks like a bug, or at least part of a bug. It's definitely dead, and very hard - at first I thought it was a small stone - but on further inspection, seems to have some organic-looking attributes that seem to be legs or feelers or something. Does this look like part of a dried out bed bug to anyone? I'm kind of panicking here. These photos are the best I could take - it's extremely small. The first shows what I think is the "top" of the "bug" and the second shows the underside.

    Thank you very much for your help!

    FullSizeRender 32 by A CS, on Flickr

    FullSizeRender 33 by A CS, on Flickr

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Wed Mar 13 2019 12:25:56

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    Spam filter ate the text. PM me the link and I can post it.

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