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Bug ID needed!!

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  1. Dingo50

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Sat Jun 15 2019 15:28:58

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    I need help identifying a cast skin that was found on my pillow (bug on the right in the embedded and linked images).

    On the left is a bug of the type I've been finding around my apartment for over a week, presumably a pill bug, though they don't roll up, which I found dead.

    I immediately thought the cast skin was a bed bug, especially considering that I found it inside my pillow sham. However, it's much longer than a bed bug would be and has the three line pattern on the back end that is similar to the pattern on the pill pug. The underside of the top half of the bug is thicker than the back, with an almost mica-like slight reflectivity.

    Is it possible that this long second half is just the underside of a bug that shed unconventionally?

    I'll note that the pillow showed no other signs of bedbugs. No fecal nor blood stains nor live bugs. I have, however, been bit in patterns of three along my ankle recently, so I haven't been able to rule it out on my own.

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