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Bug Bites Without Bed Bug Evidence...HELP!

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    Fri Oct 15 2010 13:29:06

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    I stayed at a hotel in Chicago two Friday's ago and woke up on Saturday with bite like marks all over my left leg. In the next week, the bites turned into a terrible rash, and seemed to spread to my right leg. I finally went to the Dermatologist this week, and he swears it is poison ivy (I went apple picking the week before I went to Chicago). Problem is, I seem to still be getting what look to me like bug bites! An exterminator came yesterday, tore apart my room/bed/ripped open my box spring and said he saw no evidence of bed bugs. I am almost only seeing bites on my lower legs and ankles, and they are predominately on the inside of my legs (maybe a handful of bites on the outside and a handful on my upper leg). Does this sound at all like bed bugs? I was convinced I had them until the exterminator turned nothing up (he said no droppings or anything). Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for all of your help and advice!

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