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Bug bite or pimple?

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  1. Marissap

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Thu Sep 27 2018 8:46:36

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    Is this a bug bite or a pimple? It is on my cheek. It appeared last night. I got up because it was itching... my boyfriend who is having a problem with bed bugs is staying over while his home is being treated. I am just nervous.. it may have just been itching because I am going crazy lol. Last night I could swear I had an itchy bump on my finger but this morning nothing is there.

    Although last night when I was looking at it, it had the little circle in it that bed bug bites have when they are fresh.. it is not as itchy as bed bug bites normally are (I've had quite a few since my boyfriend had them). I can't tell if it is a pimple or a bug bite... I have a the passive packtite monitor next to my bed and I see no signs on it.

    Am I going crazy?

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  2. loubugs

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Sun Sep 30 2018 8:58:18

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    Sorry, it's really not possible to answer your question one way or the other.

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