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Brought Bedbugs in the Office

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  1. ItchyinTX

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Tue Aug 23 2011 21:55:19

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    Just wondering if anyone here accidentally brought bedbugs into to their office and what they did. I told management and the building maintenance. They sprayed with some stuff called Conquer in my office. I also brought in some phantom and sprayed. I keep a bottle of phantom aerosol in the office and used it today before I sat down, but I got bite while working. I can't believe they crawled up my leg with that stuff sprayed on the floor.

    Anyway, I work in a rural office in Texas outside of Abilene and the Maintenance people are trying to help, but they seem to think they are spraying for crickets or something. I doubt they have ever heard of bedbugs and doubt there is a pest control company within 50 miles that knows how to deal with them correctly. I don't see them vacuuming daily or heat treating and I fear the bugs are going to spread.

    I got the bugs from a hotel I had to stay in while transitioning to this job which required me to relocate. The hotel didn't even reimburse me when i told them they gave me bedbugs so I reported them to the State Health Agency. My relocation was stressful considering I go to school part time and work and the bedbug thing didn't help. Additionally, I brought them into my apartment and my truck but I think I have beat in the apartment which cost me about $1,500 and a lot of washing, cleaning, spraying and vacuuming (keeping fingers crossed it was worth it. I believe the West Texas heat killed the ones in my truck. Anyway I am venting and scared that I keep bringing these damn bugs every where I go. My next step is to throw out everything I brought with me and resign my job, really sucks because the job pays well and is giving me invaluable experience and job growth, also thinking about trading my truck in for something else just in case. Not to mention if I resign i won't qualify for unemployment.

    Anyway if you guys have any comments or similar experiences please let me know.

  2. Saturn

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Thu Aug 25 2011 9:48:14

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    I'm so sorry for the stressful experience you have been through. I don't think that resigning from your job is going to help. Chances are the infestation level in your office is low, which should make it easier to control. Good for you for notifying the management and maintenance. You sound like you've made significant progress so far, don't let the few last bed bugs in your office get you down. They can (and will) be beaten!

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