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Boyfriend has bed bugs, I'm so scared they're at mine now. Please help

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  1. Helpmeohoh

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    Posted 2 weeks ago
    Sat Oct 6 2018 16:19:56

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    Hi! So my boyfriend has bed bugs at his apartment. They're getting treated (slowly, stupid landlords) and he hasn't seen any in a long time. We're super careful, the moment he gets into my room he takes off the clothes he was wearing at his apartment and puts them in a bag. If I ever go to his, I have a change of clothes there that I change into immediately and then out of before I leave so I don't sit anywhere or expose my other clothes to the apartment for too long. I've been getting these random sporadic bites mostly on my legs, ankles, and feet. It's only ever one, more recently two and they're like... Circular, almost hive like. At one point I had a legitimate hive near my elbow but I don't know if it was related. My boyfriend and I sleep in the same bed and he hasn't had anything. We also know how he reacts to bed bugs so we've been keeping an eye out. But so far it's only been me. I know bed bugs can have a feeding period or 3-7 days, does this sound like something that could be them? We did a really thorough inspection of my mattress and found absolutely nothing. No blood stains on my sheets or anything either. I guess I'm just paranoid but... Fuck. Any advice as to what they could be or what I should do?

  2. micachica

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    Posted 2 weeks ago
    Sat Oct 6 2018 19:19:41

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    Get a monitor for your bed. Keep checking your bed for signs. Sounds like your trying to be as careful as you can be.

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