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Books, Books, Books and Using an Oven

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  1. Ozzymandias

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue Nov 14 2017 12:25:51

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    Hey All,

    So, I have a move underway from an apartment that is not necessarily infested, but has had half-dead bugs showing up from an infested neighbor 'who set off a fogger. Ugh.

    Anyway, I know that books have been discussed over and over on here (and Paul Bello's excellent post here has served as my bible on the subject), but I have a TON of books and I am desperately trying to figure out what to do with them.

    So, per Mr. Bello's kindly suggestion, I'm going to be sealing up and storing the vast majority of my books to be unpacked in about one year. Does anyone have surefire directions on how to pack them up? I'm thinking of making blocks, wrapping them in packing wrap, putting these in trash bags sealed with packing tape, and then the whole affair into a box or plastic bin.

    As for the books I'd like access to . . . I've tried using a ZappBugg with thermal strike indicators to varying success. Once, I ran the machine at 120 or above for 2 hours with a load of mostly paperback books on blocks and a rack I borrowed from my kitchen. The thermal strike indicator in the middle of a book, in the middle of a stack, located furthest from the heating element indicated I hit 120, woohoo! Feeling emboldened, I tried this again with bigger stacks of heavier books and cut the time to 90 minutes . . . treatment failed. Arghhh

    So does anyone have specific advice on this front? I've seen some suggest standing books upright and fanning out the pages, but I'm worried about damage. Smaller stacks? Longer run times? Curious to hear about experiences of others as I continue to work on this.

    Thank you!!!

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