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    Sun Nov 6 2011 19:20:48

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    Do they really like books? I ask because I was traveling and picked up a book in the airport on the way home (so it wasn't in the hotel). There were no marks on the book. I packtited it when I got home and now there are two marks that look like a dot and then someone drew a line with a medium Sharpie. It starts aboud 1/4 inch from the binding and is almost a straight line (I'll have to get a camera and learn to post but it just looks like a line with a Sharpie).

    I checked the hotel room when I got in late but probably didn't do a GREAT job. The one area that had me concerned was that the phone had black smudges on it. The headboard and pictures were nailed to the walls, from what I could tell.

    It's a nice hotel but the room wasn't nice. The only two rooms left when I got in were the handicapped accessible rooms. Both had roll in showers with tears (big tears) in the fold up chair area in the shower and the tiles in the bathroom had numerous cracks.

    Here's what I found odd. I kept my suitcase in the bathroom in an XXL packtite. However, I did leave it outside the meeting room which is in a local convention center. The part that I find odd is that the book that I had in my suitcase (which I finished on the plane) and the book that I had with me on the flight home both have these black marks...the one in the suitcase was in the outerpocket and the mark is on the front jacket and not quite as long as the one I had with me).

    Long story, but are they often found in books? I thought David Cain and others said not really, unless it's on your bedside table. Neither of these were on my bedside table. Do booklice leave fecal too?

    = TAOT

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