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Blood stains/possible fecal traces

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  1. Gingerfear

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    Posted 3 months ago
    Tue May 28 2019 20:17:15

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    TLDR; Are these fecal spots?


    Sorry I’ve been posting so much recently, but I keep finding things that could possibly be evidence of bedbugs, but I’m not competent enough to confirm these signs on my own. I’ve never had an infestation, but my work situation is fairly high risk for exposure (moving apartment to apartment, renting furniture, hotel stays, etc.), and I’ve had unexplained bites since I’ve moved into this new apartment 2 months ago. I’ve had a (clean) passive monitor installed for 12 days now, so if nothing turns up on it soon I will lower my shoulders some, but for now I’m on high alert. I also ordered bed bug blue today so once it comes in I won’t have to ask questions like this and hog this wonderful resource.

    Anyway, a couple of days ago I found a red blood stain under my pillow (4th photo, washed). I saw David’s primer and ruled out BB stain since it was red. I washed my sheets and went on with my life. However today I woke up with another stain on my pillow (2nd photo) which was more of a orange-brown color. And upon further inspection saw 4 tiny spots of the same color at the head of my bed, about 4-5 inches apart trailing down to the box spring (1st and 3rd photos, only took photos of 2). It is possible the 4 spots may have existed before I washed my sheets, but the stain on my pillow was definitely new. Are these fecal stains? Or anything bed bug related? I have found several carpet beetles, and several other tiny bugs and beetles in this apartment, but never on my bed, always on the walls and ceiling.

    I appreciate all of the help and the very quick responses whenever I have a question.


  2. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 3 months ago
    Wed May 29 2019 1:28:31

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    It’s neither blood nor faecal. Please compare with the example images in the blood spots on sheets primer to see the differences.

    Hope that helps.

    David Cain
    Bed Bugs Limited

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