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Blood stains on my clothes (taking out of treated bags)

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  1. DeterminedandTired

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Sat Sep 21 2013 16:31:07

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    After five chemical treatments, I'm hesitantly calling my apartment clear. I'm cautiously putting clothes back in dresser and closet. Part of me doesn't want to, but it's time.

    I didn't think of this effect of treatment: I'm seeing little blood smears on some of my dried clothes which is clearly from drying fed bugs. Man, this was extensive. I saw a stain on something I had in my second dresser drawer (from the top, of five). I didn't see any bugs as I was bagging those clothes and at the time thought it might be a bit of overkill; 'certainly they wouldn't be all the way up in my top drawer?'

    I had four phases of this- doing what I thought was enough, then finding more.

    Here's how extensive the infestation was (I've said this before, but to summarize):

    Bed, dresser, fabric on walls, row of hanging sweaters/hoodies, blankets in living room and as it turns out, *my entire twelve foot closet* (runs the width of one wall).

    I hesitate to call this a success story because of the previous setbacks. But if there's anything left, my guess is they've given up on trying to find me because I have my bed away from the wall and climb up interceptors. I hate to spend more money on this, but I'll probably get a heat treatment (quoted at $1200 for a 1 br apt) before I move.

    Wanted to share the (what I hope is) final kick in the butt- these stains on my cleared clothes.

    Hang in there, all!

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