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Blood and Fecal ID

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu Aug 11 2016 18:28:39

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    Hey there,

    A few days ago I woke up from a sweaty sleep and found a lot of blood stains on my sheets that made me think they were bed bugs. I've torn my room apart and haven't found anything, and also had an inspector come in who couldn't find any signs of them; except for the sheets. He said it was a definite sign of bed bugs, but another inspector said otherwise. Friends and family who have had them were skeptical too, but to me it looks like thanksgiving dinner for the bugs.

    Behind a rug I hung along the wall I found some black specks which I feared could be dried feces, but the inspector dismissed it as dust.

    Again, I haven't had any signs of bites, and no one who has stayed over has either, but those aren't reasons to rule out bugs. I'm moving out soon and don't want the next tenant, or my future roommates to get infested because I haven't reacted to them.

    When I look at the sheets I think it's impossible to be anything but bugs. However, I had fallen off my bike recently and had some small scabbing on my legs; the sweat could have made the dried blood rub off onto my sheets?

    Any help would be much appreciated,

    Thank you for your time!!

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