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Biting Bugs, But No Bugs In Sight

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  1. David Dresner

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Tue Jun 23 2015 17:15:07

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    If you're experiencing bug bites on your skin. Maybe welts or a rash. Crawling sensations. And you see red pimples making a bedbug pattern. But you see no bugs. You may have skin mites and a fungus rash. The story below may resonate with you. If anything here does, please visit for help. It saved my life. It could save yours. Surprisingly, the fungus is causing the biting prick sensation. I was out of my mind until figuring this out. Good luck!

    So for the last 3 months my girlfriend has been getting bit all over her legs, ankles, feet, knees and sometimes hands and elbows. Never on buttocks, back, face etc. We've never seen any bugs in the house, it's definitely not fleas (those are easy to spot). These things will bite us while in the car, sometimes an hour after we've been out of the house! It's gotten so bad that she'll drop on the ground crying and screaming and take her pants off and there is close to 50 bites all over. Swollen and red splotchy and up to 1nch wide spots and horribly painful and itchy. I think she is allergic to whatever is eating her alive. I get bitten sometimes, but rarely. She wears long sleeve, pants and shoes and socks and it'll be biting her under her clothes she has to strip down and run into the hot shower.

    My girlfriend is blonde and very fair skin and is easily allergic to bugs and bites. But this one has gotten the best of us. We live 1/4 mi from Pacifica beach and there is sandy yard in front our house. Allergic reaction doesn't make sense to us but maybe Midgets or No-See-Ums because of the sand and water around us? We sprayed all the bushes in our yard today just to see if that helps.

    Has anyone else been eaten alive by something they cannot see?? PLEASE HELP US. Maybe others around the Bay Area have the same problem???

    Also, we went to the doc and spent $500 for a cortisone shot and some steroids that did nothing for us. She wears Deet, sigh, and it helps a bit, but that is not a solution.

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