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    Fri Jun 26 2009 14:30:07

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    I am interested in what BBcoukHome says about infestations not being present. My neighbor has BB, and we had a problem last fall and also about a month ago. Each time, I have searched EXTENSIVELY with high-powered flashlights and microscope, and found NOTHING. I have found fecal stains in one spot inside a dresser, and also on a wall next to the bed. Is it possible that they continue to come from next door, but dont actually create an infestation in my apt? I know this just sounds hopeful, but after so much time and so much inspection of EVERYTHING, I have never seen a bug, cast skin, egg, or dead bug. And, yes, I am sure that i have had bedbug bites, as I have found tiny bloodspots on the pillow before.

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