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Bites? um help please

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  1. azriel88

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Thu May 24 2012 19:32:49

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    um long story short i have a friend who recently got bed bugs and im really freaked out cuz ive had bed bugs at my apartment b4 and i really got traumatized like most ppl do thru the situation but i was wondering if bed bug bites might seem smaller or unnoticable in the early stages of an infestation cuz i know what to keep an eye out for mostly but im not seeing anything that resembles bed bug bites but i feel crawly feelings on my skin mostly when i lay down and even biting at times and itching but no bites i have come across a tiny bump here and there that itches really bad but the bump isnt much bigger than a small pin head in size and rises very little above skin so it seems like there isnt anything there until i run my finger across it ive also wondered maybe im really stressed out and im just imagining it but im not sure and also if i am imagining it what can i do to help the situation ive heard of other ppl freaking out cuz of the thought of an reinfestation after being exposed to bb's b4 and i was wondering if theres any particular things that help ease that stress or is it just gonna take normal old coping with the situation well thats all i have and I really hope someone can answer this for me im really uncomfortable tired and freaked out

  2. brooklyn_bites

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Thu May 24 2012 21:56:26

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    The "bites" you are experiencing... do they stick around or are they somewhat temporary? If temporary, I suspect you are experiencing psychosomatic reactions. They are real reactions that are created by your brain due to stress. I would not hang out with your friend for a while who is facing this problem and try to relax. Drink tea. Do yoga. Try to get a good night's sleep.

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