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Bites only on back and groin + No evidence of Bed Bugs, what is it?!

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  1. minjaekwak

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Sun Feb 21 2010 23:57:33

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    I went to London last summer backpacking alone, and encountered bed bugs. Did research and before coming home washed my clothes, backpack, and precautions that everyone recommends. 6 months later, which is today..

    I suddenly have a ton of small bites around my groin area and I have big bites on my upper back. There is absolutely no evidence on my bed or anything and this only happened recently. 6 months and there's a lot of bites on my groin and a few on my upper back. Is it bed bugs? or is it something else?

    I haven't done anything in terms of treating it because the bites in my groin just recently happened, pimples on my back, I just assumed were acne cause I have acne on my back from time to time even before my London Trip. What could it possibly be? The ones around my groin are really small red and cluttered, the ones on my upper back are spread out and bigger, like pimples. None of these bites itch at all but the ones in my groin irritate and some what sting.


  2. buggedout16

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Mon Feb 22 2010 1:31:37

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    Do they seem similar at all to the bites you got on your trip? If I were you I'd try to get to see a doctor if possible and stay vigilant for other signs in your bed/around your bedroom. It seems like if they were bites from bugs you brought back from your trip, you'd have gotten bitten by now since it's been six months; and it wouldn't be so many suddenly all at once either. good luck...

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