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Bites on dog/How to properly apply cimexa

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    Sun Feb 24 2019 16:37:54

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    We got a puppy right before Christmas and Yesterday she has developed what looks like bites on her belly. Her crate she sleeps in at night is brand new and I put a very light dusting of Cimexa with a brush around her crate just to be on the safe side. The crate is next to our couch. I checked the couch and found nothing. I had a red bite on the back of my neck the other night but I obviously have no idea what did it.

    I sure hope this is not the case but how likely would bed bugs feed on a dog if no other food is present at night? Plus it has been October since our last treatment. You would think it would be rather easy to find these bed bugs by now. We do have a brown couch and under the cushions is black so it would be rather hard to see black fecal matter.

    I hope I applied the Cimexa right. I tried to lightly put it across the carpet but I am worried I may have it in the carpet rather than sitting on top of it. I try using my puffer but it ether puffs nothing out our way to much. Seems like there is no in between. Any suggestions on how to apply it with a brush would be greatly aprectiated. I put the brush in the cimexa then try to as lightly as I can to paint it across the top. I have even taken the brush and try to dip it then tap it lightly over the carpet.

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