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Bites mostly on feet, not itchy, totally flat....

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  1. masoud

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    Posted 2 weeks ago
    Sat Oct 6 2018 14:17:54

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    Two weeks ago at the first day of week when I woke up I saw more than 6 big bites has appeared on my both left and right feet. Next day and the day after that I saw number of small bites and big bites are increasing so since it was only on my legs I washed my trousers with hot water.

    I was thinking what has changed in my living environments and I suspected an old chair at my work place. In fact the bites first started to appear when I sat on that chair for first time. So I changed that chair as well. But the bites didn't stop to appear.

    On that weekend I investigated my bed and under spring box I saw a bug very similar to a watermelon seed. It was alive and was walking slowly. I kept it in a bottle. I also found several small bugs which were similar to small Caterpillars.

    So I vacuumed bed, carpets and under bed. I putted spring box on balcony for two days. And used a pesticide all over of sleeping room. One week later (last night) I investigated bed again and only found a dead bug under it which has two long feet comparing to its hands.

    Now I'm totally lost and confused. Although more than two weeks has passed but even very first bites didn't healed yet. I can't understand if bite marks on my feet are new or old. I can't understand if I'm still infested or not.

    Is it possible something bite me but marks display after a very long time? Why its not itchy? Why it doesn't heal? Why its flat? What is difference between small bites and big bites? Why for first time a lot of them appeared at once and it was not appearing slowly?

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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