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Bites in San Francisco followed me to England - do rat mites travel in luggage?

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    Fri Jul 8 2011 2:28:03

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    I had a week of mysterious night-time bites in our apartment in San Francisco before we left for our month long trip to England.

    Before we left the exterminator visited our apartment and checked for bedbugs - he found none. We had found no evidence of bedbugs either. We had seen evidence of rats in our storage areas, so we assumed rat mites.

    The exterminator seemed confident that we would not bring anything with us when we travelled.

    Our first two nights in London were bite-free. Now we are at my parents and I got two bites last night. One was in an intimate place so I know it can't be mosquitoes.

    I saw my Dr. in San Francisco and he didn't think it was scabies as I was not getting bites between the fingers. Over the week of infestation I was getting bitten around my middle mostly. Last night I got one bite upper arm and the other as mentioned above.

    Do I assume I have brought bedbugs with me or can rat mites travel in luggage too?

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