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Bites ID - bed bug or mosquito?

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  1. Amissan

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Mon Sep 18 2017 21:12:24

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    Hi everyone,

    One more ID topic here Let me give you the back story: roommate found a single bug in her bed area after noticing bites a few nights in a row. I didnt get any bites - I know I react pretty badly to them after a light infestation 10 yrs ago.
    We moved very fast and hired a reputable PCO who came, did a visual inspection in both our rooms and only found light signs of bedbug activity around her bed.
    He checked my room and couldnt find anything. We share a wall but my bed is on the opposite side of the room, my mattress has always been encases in a protector, i have a metal frame and didnt find any typical trace of bed bugs on matress.
    Regardless my room was preventativly treated: hot steam treatment twice two weeks apart and powder everwhere.

    PCO came back a month later and cleared us. Now, almost two months later, I was biten yesterday during the day while hanging in bed bare legs. At first I didnt pay attention because i was bitten at the same time by a mosquito on my ankle (no mistake possible). Following day, I noticed that the bite on my calf that was itchy is actually 3 bites in a row...and now im in panic mode.

    Here are the pics - thoughts?

    Praying that it was just an hungry mosquito...
    Thanks for your help!

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