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Bites!! Help please. I can't figure this out!

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    Posted 6 months ago
    Sat Dec 1 2018 8:39:22

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    Hello, So I've been getting bites for about two weeks now. I can't find any bugs or signs of bed bugs on any of the four beds in the house. I did, however, find long white moving bugs all on my window sill and on the curtains of those windows. There was also what appeared to be dried up, dark bugs. Does this mean it's bed bugs? I can't seem to figure this out. The windows are hard to access so they honestly are the last things to be dusted, but are located behind my bed. Are they unrelated? We live in the country and I have found a few fleas...could this be fleas and unrelated to the window sill bugs? The house is clean and I see no sign of bugs that could bite but have seen a few fleas here and there (I know cleanliness does not mean anything, but it helps find bugs easier). I'm stumped and so frustrated! I saved the window sill bugs in a baggie, but someone threw them away so I can't show to ID. I have no idea if those are even related to why I keep getting bit or not. Any insight is helpful!

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