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Bites but no sign of bed bugs

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    Posted 1 week ago
    Wed Oct 10 2018 3:14:57

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    My family and I all have bites after sleeping or sitting on the sofa. The bites occur everywhere, and sometimes they occur in groups of 3.

    The bites are very itchy, and last for more than a week.

    I called an exterminating company and they said that if I find no faeces or blood marks on the sheets, it's probably not bed bugs.

    I also searched the house for fleas, but can't trap any, and my dog is not itchy.

    Because I got bitten so often, I started washing my bed linen every three days and vacuumed a lot. The bites got better and for a few weeks I did not have any.

    Now they have returned, and I am covered.

    Could it be bed bugs, even though there are no signs except for the bites?

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