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Bites but no other sign???

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  1. charlotte

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue Jan 23 2018 23:17:55

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    Alright, I've posted once before but I'm going insane, and so is my exterminator.

    I started noticing bites on my thigh in october, I didn't think much of it at first, but one night while i was laying in bed I noticed something small crawling on my bed.
    Of course, as I was panicked, I flicked it off my bed without taking the time to see what it was, turned on the lights and stripped my bed, nothing.

    I started getting super paranoid and washed all my sheets and bedding. I inspected my mattress for about an hour to see if I could find anything, nada. I decided to let my landlord know I thought I might have bed bugs as I kept getting bitten at night and had seen something on my bed. He sent over an exterminator who told me I had no sign of bedbugs.

    For the month that followed I kep getting random bites (not that many) and would REGULARLY check my bed as I was becoming paranoid, never found anything. I made the exterminators comme back again since I was still getting bit but they told me AGAIN that I had no signs of a bed bug infestation.

    Fast forward to right before the holidays, I was out of town visiting my boyfriend, while I was there, I didn't have any bites and my skin cleared up. The second I got back home I started noticing red bumps again. I asked my exterminator to come again and he agreed to come check my apartment again, although he said he thought it was unlikely bedbugs, but that i could have another issue he hadn't figured out yet. Again, no sign of bedbugs.

    For about 3 weeks I didn't get any bites and my skin cleared up.
    But now, in the past 3 days I've noticed bites appear everywhere on my body, this is the most I've had since this all started, plus now the bites are large and painful...

    I got a couch around the time that I started getting bites and the former owner of the couch had a dog, is there any chance it might be fleas or something?

    At this point i'm almost hoping to find a bed bug in my bed so I can stop living this nightmare...

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