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Bite ID / my story

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    Sun Aug 12 2018 17:28:17

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    Hey guys,
    Just wondering if you think these could be bed bug bites.
    In early may I went on a work trip where I was traveling around and staying at different hotels and mid way through the trip I woke up with 2 bites on one leg, they were large like a mosquito but very round and more red so I’ve been terrified I may have picked some up bugs. Anyways since returning home mid may ive been getting a couple bites a week. After the first week I bought cases for my box spring and mattress as well put interceptors on each post as well as strip of 2sided tape around the box spring to try and catch one. It’s been 3 months now and still no signs. I check my sheets every morning for castings and what not, and it hasn’t gotten any better or worse am I just being paranoid? My bites onset like a sharp pinch followed by a burning sensation for about a half hour, not very itchy? Is that normal? I opened up the cases yesterday and had a look at the mattress and the inside of the box spring didn’t see and fecal matter or anything. I should note I left for a week at the beginning of July. Would 3 months be enough time to make it very obvious? I am the only resident in my house.

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