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Bite after unpacking BB exposed luggage, found one nymph, now what?

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Sun Apr 14 2013 13:05:03

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    i woke up with a bite this morning after handling some things that had been quarantined after exposure to BB on a trip to India (got them on a train from Delhi to Jaipur - do NOT put your luggage on the floor, use an overhead rack!!!)... a few little ones (probably hatched from eggs while in quarantine) escaped... i found one very very small BB (i am positive this time it was a bedbug not a springtail!)

    quick summary -
    released some baby BB's, probably ones that have hatched and never fed (called an instar?)
    one bite
    found one unfed BB that was really small, i guess it would be a 1st instar?

    i need help figuring out what to do during the early stage of what is probably a very small number of baby bedbugs... i have dealt with BB's during my trip and know how wily they are...

    this is what happened -
    i treated most of the things from my luggage when i got home a month ago... hot wash and hot drier. everything else was already packed in ziplock bags which i then put inside black garbage bags which i put away... for the first 2 weeks we slept on a mattress on the floor in the living room with DE dusted around the bed, just to be extra careful... after two weeks of no bites we moved back into the bedroom.

    yesterday i took one of the small ziplock bags of delicate clothes to wash with orange oil insecticide... these were clothes that i didn't think got exposed to bugs, but i was being extra careful.
    i took out one item over the tub where i was going to wash it, then i got interrupted so i put it back in the bag... all of this was done over the tub which is white and i didn't see any signs of bugs in the tub, or in the transparent bag...

    this morning i woke up with one bite on my right wrist...
    i have had a lot of BB bites from my trip to India, so i am very familiar with how they affect me - starts as a small red circle and over the day they become raised...
    there was just one... the bites don't usually show up right away so i don't know exactly when i got it, but i'm assuming it was from when i handled the clothes...

    after seeing the bite i remembered taking the clothes out over the tub and went and looked... the sun was coming in so it was really bright and i saw a couple of little specks in the tub... one was nothing, the other one moved away from my hand... i gently smooshed it and looked at it up close - it was definitely a BB, light tan, the distinctive BB shape with those ridges across the body... it was too small to photograph and i wasn't able to tape it, it was too small and fell apart... it didn't have any blood, so it wasn't the one that bit me...

    these are the measures i've taken so far -
    i have taken all of the things i touched, wore, or that were near the tub or the bag of clothes, also bedding, and washed/put them in a hot drier... i vacuumed everything and threw away the bag... i am going to put a dusting of DE around, on and under my bedframe, also my couch, baseboards, electric sockets...
    edit - forgot to mention that we have two cats... i have some DE flea powder i am going to dust them with

    i would really appreciate some advice on what to do now! should i be proactive and call a PCP right away?
    also, how is treating for BB nymphs same/different than adult BB?

    thank you so much in advance for any help!
    i will update if anything new comes up...

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