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Best type of bed frame to help with inspecting / monitoring bedbugs?

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    Sun Aug 25 2013 17:15:28

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    I currently have a simple bed setup: a foam wrapped with a fabric encasement as the mattress and a plywood bed frame supported by wooden legs. The frame has many screw holes, with lots of crevices for bedbugs to hide. Plus, it is quite heavy.

    I found a live bedbug on the bedframe on July 22 and my whole apartment was heat treated on August 9. I have been checking my bed and surroundings regularly, and did not find any live samples, cast skins or fecal spots. So far, I have isolated my bed and used climbup interceptors. I got a bite over three different days, but they could be from insects other than bedbugs. Few days ago, I ordered a BB Alert Passive/Packtite Passive in order for me to use it instead of the climbup interceptors to help with the monitoring.

    My plan is to soon replace the plywood bed frame with something with fewer harbourage sites .

    I read David Cain's PDF on furniture optimization: and he recommends a wood frame bed.

    However, I found a metal frame on amazon:

    that I like.

    I am thinking of getting this because it is lighter 21kg (46 lbs) vs. a wooden frame, e.g.,

    which is 50 kg (111 lb).

    Here are my questions:

    - What would be your comments if I go with the metal frame? Where should I install the BB Alert Passive / Packtite Passive?

    - Are there lighter, better wood bed frame out there?

    Any advices and suggestions you have are much appreciated. Thanks.

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