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Best active monitor?

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  1. mcsmcs

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    Posted 7 months ago
    Tue Jul 10 2018 8:38:53

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    We have one has been identified by the pest control people as a bat bug infestation. This is plausible because we've had bats and we've had identified bat bugs in the past identified by our very own Lou. The pest control guy consulted with an entomologist and seem to know what he was talking about about the differences. However I'm not 100% convinced that we have bat bugs and worried that they are bed bugs.

    Going away for a week in a couple of weeks. I'm buying all new things for the trip so I won't be bringing any potential bugs along with me. It seems like a great time to put monitors in places that are giving me anxiety to either alleviate anxiety or get another sample.. It looks like now there's much more than the CO2 one, the beacon, no.. What would be the most effective active monitor to place for a week when there will be no activity in the area?

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