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Berkeley BB scenario

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  1. grateful4everything

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Fri Jun 9 2017 19:46:15

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    Here is the scene.

    Staying on the floor at brothers Berkeley cottage for the past couple months.
    He goes out of town for June so I start sleeping on his bed.
    Yesterday I Start noticing I'm itching barely noticeable bites on my arms and legs throughout the day.
    Get a flashback of a lady friend staying over about a month ago and her waking up with weird bites all over.
    We all joked about it being bedbugs
    (joke because brother and I have been living there bite free for months)

    I instantly panic about my bites and do detective work on the bed and frame.
    Sure enough I find some babies. Some almost translucent brown and some dark. With feces and eggs and the whole deal.

    Brother phones his landlord from BC and tells her the situation.
    Landlord completely freaks and says I have to be out by tonight or he is evicted.
    (Unfortunately on his lease it states if anyone stays longer than 3 days they must be verified which I wasn't of course )
    I know leaving the compound isn't typically the way to go but I have no choice here.

    My questions:
    How do I leave this quickly without bringing these guys anywhere?

    Is my car compromised ?
    [i recently went car camping and used a mattress in the back that I had been sleeping on the floor with]
    The car is a 1990 4runner so it's carpet throughout :/

    I'm currently at the laundromat where I'm Washing all the clothes I grabbed on hot and high heat drying it all.
    Will bag it all then hit the YMCA for a shower and bag/throw away the clothes I'm wearing right now.

    Is there anything else I can do to not move these with me?
    I don't even feel comfortable asking anyone to put me up so I'm going to sleep in my car I think?

  2. Livingagain

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Fri Jun 9 2017 23:31:14

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    I'm sorry, really tough situation.

    In the FAQ's there's a question about traveling without giving them to others. That should cover your question, sounds like you're on the right track.

    They could be in the car, but maybe not. You should vacuum it out as well as you can from one of those self car wash places. But it's hard to treat if you're living in it. When you get somewhere you can try to treat, Nuvan spray, or strips are a possibility. You can look up some of these things in the threads and find more info.

  3. grateful4everything

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sun Jun 11 2017 18:27:54

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    So I did the hot dryer thing to all my clothes and shoes. Disposed of the ones I was wearing. Showered and steamed at the Y.
    Vacuumed the car at a 24 hour car cleaner place. Put all my clothes in bags just in case.
    And woke up in the car with new bites.
    So the car, which is now my only place to live, is compromised.

    I bought a steamer to steam clean the interior but need to find a public electrical outlet.
    Also not even sure which order to do things in anymore??
    Do I do the hot dry again to all my clothes? Before I steam the car? Or after? Will the dry ice trick work if I am also in the car?

    Staying positive but also wearing thin! Seems like such a Vicious helpless loop.

    Also how worried should I be about bringing them to work? I've been bagging my bag and jacket when I arrive but still feel like I'm bringing them by Just being there.

  4. mp7ski

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sun Jun 11 2017 23:35:07

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    Okay. I wouldn't automatically assume they are in your car because bites have appeared. Bites can take up to 2 weeks to appear and I've had bites go away and reapper after a day or or so. While I think cars can be over looked in bed bug infestations, I do think they are only infested in certain situations.

    If someone is spending a lot of time in the vehicle (hours on end) or sleeping in the vehicle.

    If someone is sort of living out of their vehicle while staying at a infested place (storing clothes and belongings in vehicle).

    If someone transported or stored infested belongings in the vehicle.

    If someone has a heavy infestation that has been going on for a period of time.

    I would say the chances of your car being infested are very low. Mainly because where you were staying, you weren't sleeping in the infested room. You did one night I believe you said but you weren't the source and weren't constantly exposed to the infested bed. I'm not saying you shouldn't steam and deep clean your car and dry all your clothing, it's worth doing it just cause there's a chance. But I've had bed bugs for quite some time while controlling them but have yet to knowingly get bit in my vehicle. My gf reacts right away so we would know if she did. So while I think you should do what your doing, don't just assume your car has bed bugs because bites appeared... they could have been delayed from your brothers or not bites at all.

    Also look into nuvan direct spray aerosol. One of the pros on here mentioned he thinks it has a use for treating cars. Just make sure you read the label and use it right. I'd still steam before using it though.

    As for work, ya, there's always a chance of taking them anywhere you go but you're not dealing with a sizeable infestation, if your dealing with one at all. I put all my work clothes in the dryer before work for an hour and heat treat my work boots once a week. Just take precautions and the chances will be slim.

    I am not an expert, any advice I give should be considered as amateur advice and not taken as fact. I mean well with all my posts and try to give back. If you plan on using any of my advice, I suggest doing research into said advice to make sure it is in your best interest.
    Study on Thermal Death Points(pages 18-29 of pdf) :
    Study on Cimexa:

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