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Bedbugs moved with us...

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  1. Lynoire

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Thu Jan 16 2014 7:48:43

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    Hey there, it's my first time posting on this forum...:) I guess I should tellyou, that I'm not from the US, but Hungary, but this is by far the best bedbug related community I've seen, so I hope, I can count on you...!

    I'm living with my boyfriend and two cats, we've been struggling with begbugs since September, 2013. We were living on the 9th floor of a 10 storey block at that, the bugs either came home with us from a youth camp, came in from the house clearing or the neighbour's apartment...

    We had armies of mosquitos last summer, so we mistook the bugbits for mosquito bites and we only discovered the real problem about a month later when the bites remain andwe found blood on our bedsheets...We notified the landlady, but she refused to help us out and we absolutely couldn't afford pest control.

    In the meanwhile, we moved. We didn't have furniture, but clothes, electronics, a tv, and our beddings, we sprayed everything with disinsecting spray and as we arrived into our new home, we taped all the doorways and started washing the clothes - I know the bugs can't stand heat, but we do not have a dryer...

    We've been here for 10 days now, I brought the first bunch of newly washed clothes into the bedroom and put theminto the closet yestarday.
    For the first 10 days, we haven't met any bugs, we found two dead ones, but that's about it...then this morning, I discovered bites on my side, under my breast.

    I'm freaked out...I quickly sprayed the bed and what was on it, the closet and the clothes and I put tape around the closet. I know I should notify my new landlady and call pest control, but we still can't afford it at the moment...maybe next month.
    And I'm pretty much afraid of telling the landlady about the bugs, it's kind of embarrassing especially after my old landlady's reaction...we'veonly been here for 10 days...:S

    Do you have any suggestions? I suppose, the bugs haven't spread yet....can I keep them from spreading? Or once they find their way into the bedroom, it's over?

    Thank you so much for your help!

  2. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Thu Jan 16 2014 10:01:28

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    Moving and not taking bedbugs with you is a complex task and not one that many succeed at without either a lot of planning or additional help. You should work through the FAQ's on decontaminating items and make sure you are taking the right steps to process things.

    You will also find a good FAQ on self treatment options including how to use DE which is one of the few products that is very safe when correctly used and almost universally supported for professional or self treatment.

    I would advise that you read up and see what steps you can take to control and eradicate the problem rather than waiting for a month to pass.

    The forum is a great resource for asking specific advice once you have learned the basics from the FAQ's and useful tools sections.

    Hope that helps.

    David Cain
    Bed Bugs Limited

    I am happy to answer questions in public but will not reply to message sent directly or via my company / social media. I am here to help everyone and not just one case at a time.

    In accordance with the AUP and FTC I openly disclose my vested interest in Passive Monitors as the inventor and patent holder. Since 2009 they have become an integral part in how we resolve bed bug infestations. I also have a professional relationship with PackTite in that they distribute my product under their own branding. I do not however receive any financial remuneration for any comments I make about pro

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