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Bedbugs in Tokyo: HELP

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  1. MsJ

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Sat Dec 11 2010 21:44:21

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    Hello everyone,

    Unsure if anyone can help me in as I am in Japan, but I need help.

    My husband & I recently travelled to SE Asia and brought back some unwanted guests. We caught them from a friend's house it seems; we saw a bug there and ended up with bites later on, but things didn't "click" at the time. We're still unsure if they're bedbug or fleas, but it looks to be bbs, alas.

    Anyhow, we came back to Tokyo a few days apart a fortnight ago and one of us has brought said bugs back to our home.

    Our place heaven for bedbugs; we have too much stuff and not enough storage space. The apartment itself is small (38m2?), old, has wooden alcoves and popcorn-like wallpaper, and a tatami bedroom. It adjoins four other apartments and we rent. I did see a bug run across and under the tatami one day but I couldn't catch it. I am waking up with increasing numbers of bites and think that we are heading toward an infestation though I have been unable to find any critters or evidence on the futons etc.

    Given the kind of place we live in, I can't wait to properly ID a bug as I am afraid that the entire apartment block will become infested. Given we are in Japan and the feudal real estate system here, we may be liable for treating the entire building, which would wipe out our savings and put us into debt.

    What we are doing so far:

    Vacuuming, laundry and bagging clothes (have to go to laundromat as we don't have a drier/hot water for washing), yet to do dry cleaning as some clothes can't be washed; throwing some clothes/stuff not needed on burnable rubbish days and marking it so people don't take the goods and reinfect; husband brought some powder and sheets for Japanese mites but it's not working.

    How to treat? Need help:

    Shoes, books, kitchen utensils, leather bags etc. All these things are out in the open due to our apartment's lack of storage. Our place is so small that there is less than 20ft for the bugs to travel in any direction so will assume worse-case scenario that they are everywhere. Am willing to throw out some stuff, but can't do everything (need some books etc for work). I also can't afford to turf all my clothes etc: I am not Japanese-sized, so buying clothes is an issue here.

    We have no storage space and renting such space would be akin to paying about $300+ per month which we can't afford. We have a sofa bed too which we'd prefer to treat but will turf if necessary.

    Pest control:

    My husband and I have been arguing re: this; he doesn't want to face the possible expense of treating the entire building and ridding ourselves of everything. He then changes his mind and says we have to get rid of absolutely everything. I can understand his frustration but have no idea what else to do.

    I am trying to research everything in a foreign language which is bloody difficult and it seems most PCOs use chemicals to treat the problem which doesn't surprise me being Japan.

    My questions:

    - If anyone knows of a company using thermal /Vikane in Japan would love to hear about it.

    - Is it worth buying a steam cleaner? Or better washer dryer?

    - if any PCOs or professionals reading this have any Japanese contacts, please advise.

    - General advice needed re: everything I have posted above.

    - Bites: I tend to feel a sudden sting (always during the day, never at night) and then see inflamed bites. Most of them look like pimples/small bites but some seem to be bigger.

    I have to notify my workplace tomorrow and am scared as I am a contractor and don't want to lose my job in the current economy. If I don't work I don't get paid...

    Anyhow, thanks for listening.


  2. nycyn

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Sat Dec 11 2010 23:27:52

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    Maybe you should start with finding an actual bed bug? Skin irritations are not a definitive sign of anything except skin irritations. Tons of info here--keep looking around.

    How is it that the first thing that comes to mind is bed bugs? Was there a recent news broadcast or something?

    Will trade future advice for plush anime.

  3. MsJ

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Sun Dec 12 2010 16:04:59

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    I agree having an actual bug specimen would help. But having seen what was most definitely one on our travels, and one here at home...

    Have just been woken up by the feel of being bitten...


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