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Bedbugs in Belgium

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  1. vernaz92

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Mon Mar 26 2018 18:28:11

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    Hi all,

    Decided to register finally after lurking on the forum for a while! Just recently moved to Belgium in a studio and, after a while, I noticed the place was infested with BBs, first time I ever had to deal with these lovely creatures. By the looks of it, they might have been here since the last tenants left but I have no way to be entirely sure.

    Anyhow, the landlady was incredibly supportive and called for a PCO; only problem is that he came, sprayed something (dont know what, they didnt even check the apartment or the neighbours) for 30 mins and that was it. After 2 days there were still loads of BBs still crawling about (even happily walking on the poison), and when confronted with pictures the exterminator said that it was perfectly normal and it was because the eggs had hatched (never knew a BBs could grow from nymph to adult in 48hrs!).

    Tomorrow a second company should come for a first inspection of the whole building and then they will decide the course of action; all my wardrobe is packed in ziploc bags and I am vacuuming the studio every day and hot drying my bedding once a week. I just hope I can get over with this soon as it has been very stressful even if, thankfully, I do not react too badly to the bites.

    If you guys have any advice it would be greatly appreciated, at the moment I am just sparingly using IPA to kill them when I see them waltzing about on the walls. Glad I have found this forum, loads of great advice in the FAQs section!



  2. LeaP

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    Posted 11 months ago
    Wed May 30 2018 11:21:07

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    Hi there!

    Also in Brussels and struggling! Any news on your treatments? Any advice?
    Considering steam treatment--any idea?

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