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  1. Adale

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    Posted 10 months ago
    Wed Jan 16 2019 19:41:22

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    Hi I work as a housekeeper in an apartment building, where 4 of the apartments are holiday let's and the other 3 have long term tenants. I do a weekly clean for the tenants and I clean the holiday let's after each checkout. Last year one of the holiday let's was found to have bed bugs and my boss closed the apartment down and had the apartment professionally treated and once given the all clear we were able to start letting the apartment out again. At the beginning of December the apartment under the first contaminated apartment was found to have bed bugs so that apartment was closed and is being treated. Today I found a bug in the bed of the third holiday let so that has also had to be closed. Now my question is how likely are the long term tenants of getting them and also how likely am I of taking the bugs home with me. This is making me totally paranoid and I'm worried sick that my home will get infested

  2. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 10 months ago
    Thu Jan 17 2019 14:30:55

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    Tough question and let me explain a little.

    The risk of introduction tot he holiday lets is based on the turnover of guests in the same way as hotels. Lets say for example 0.1% of people are exposed and carrying bedbugs. Then when the let gets to 500 guest visits then the odds are that there will be an issue.

    However, the residents may carry a 0.01% risk of picking up the issue from the cinema, public transport or my also join the 0.1% when they travel.

    What is kind of clear is that the treatment method may not be as sensible as it first appears and may have resulted in the spread through to adjoining units. This is technically both a failure of approach and method as the infestations are being detected too late and thus are also more likely to spread.

    The solution is actually to work to the same plan for all apartments and conduct weekly bed / monitor inspections in the short term units and at least monthly in the residents units. This means you detect fast enough that resolution is simple, there is a reduced risk of spread and the impact on the business is minimal because they don't have to worry about closures.

    The hard part is getting those in senior management to appreciate that its just like all crisis issues, planning in advance and prevention is an essential part of actually dealing with issue. This can require getting them over the stage where they just panic at the thought of a bedbug and knee jerk into solutions which cause problems.

    Equally if you do the same at home you know you wont ever have a significant issue.

    Hope that helps.

    David Cain
    Bed Bugs Limited

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