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Bedbug on plane seat while traveling

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  1. bbscare13

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    Posted 4 months ago
    Wed Apr 17 2019 23:26:04

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    While traveling for vacation with my boyfriend, I found a bedbug on his plane pillow. We reported it to the flight attendants and the airline but they weren't much help after that. It seemed like the bug hadn't bitten yet because it was still very flat. Once we got to our hotel, we laundered our clothing but I found that the washing machine was not that strong and we weren't able to dry our clothes. I may be paranoid but getting bed bugs is one of my nightmares after a few other close encounters. No bites after about two weeks.

    How likely is it that we could have picked up bed bugs on the plane? I plan on washing all my clothes again when I return home but living in a city and having other items from our travels that cannot be washed, what do you recommend? And, how likely is it that after about two weeks on vacation, if we did have them, that we would be bringing these possible suckers back with us?

    Losing sleep.

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