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Bedbug life - length of

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    Mon Sep 27 2010 22:38:39

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    Could someone clarify how long a bedbug lives, please? Following is from the Health Canada website:

    "Adults usually live for around 10 months, but can live for a year or more in a home where the environment is good for reproduction, with temperatures ranging between 21°C and 28°C, making it ideal for breeding year round.
    Bed bugs can live from several weeks up to roughly a year and a half without feeding. Older bed bugs can go even longer without feeding."

    If they live only 10 months, how do they live 18 months without feeding? Does it mean that if they go dormant because there is no food source available, it extends their total life length by the length they are dormant/not feeding?

    Also, does anyone keep their house cooler or warmer than the above temperature ranges to make it less amenable to bedbugs?

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