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Bedbug & Nymph Shed Skin ID? Please?

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  1. freshly

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Wed Jul 10 2019 0:52:34

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    Pictures Here


    I've been experiencing some bites or some skin reactions for a few weeks, and I have been monitoring like crazy for signs of bed bugs...These are a few different potential shed skins I've found, as I haven't found a live specimen yet. (There's a toothpick in some of the images for scale). There's 4 separate "skins" labelled in this image album to identify, some with multiple pictures taken from different angles.

    These "skins" make me worry that maybe it isn't just my imagination at play...I've already started the process of researching and prepping my house and begun some treatments. I know skins can be an unreliable way to diagnose bedbugs, but I am hoping getting better opinions on these can help I suppose?

    My partner and I have just moved about 4-5 weeks ago, the bites or marks started after that, and that makes me worried we got a few hitchhikers on our furniture in the process! Been trying to start the treatment process before a new generation of bedbugs can reach maturity to stop any potential population from exploding.

    Any ID on these things would be greatly appreciated! I don't even know if they're all skins, to be honest, let alone bbs.

    (Edit: I should add I've also been seeing a few carpet beetles and carpet beetle larvae around too, if any of these could be related to those)

  2. Mawiwala

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Wed Jul 10 2019 2:54:54

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    Skins look basically like bed bugs just more transparent and beige. A shed skin is normally a good indicator for a previous or active infestation. Nothing in your pictures seems to be bedbug related.

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