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Bed frame for air mattress?

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  1. cincybug

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Sat Aug 1 2009 21:08:00

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    Ok, so I'm moving in a week and some neighbors in my apt. building have bed bugs now. Not an adjacent unit, but I've had them in the past and am very wary.

    I just bought an air mattress for my new place for financial reasons and because, frankly, I like the idea that if I get them again, I can clean the mattress easily.

    So, here's my question to the air mattress aficionados out there: what bed frame do you use? Because I know you're not all sleeping on the floor with bed bugs I've searched for this topic on the forums and come up with the idea that metal frames are better until I read a thread talking about how they have more places for bugs to hide. I need a frame that's $100 or under (great budget, right?). Any suggestions?

    The whole moving and not taking bed bugs with you officially sucks. Especially when you're young and broke. The only plus is that it wasn't hard to get rid of the old furniture.

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