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Bed bugs persist after heat treatment

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  1. sierram1291

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu Mar 30 2017 15:20:15

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    About a month or so ago, my home was heat treated for bed bugs. The infestation had been going on for quite a while ( about six months) because we thought for a time that it was mites from our cats. The infestation had gotten pretty horrible before the treatment was done, there was a large amount of fecal staining on my baseboards, mattress covers, etc. After the heat treatment was completed there was a major decrease in the issue but I have been noticing very small bites ever since, and they are not always visible. I do not have as severe of a reaction as some people. Thank god I do have an allergic reaction of some kind, because my partner does not. I can feel the itch and maybe even see the broken skin but there isn't the red puncture wound that the bug leaves. Sometimes they are visible but they are very tiny and difficult to photograph. I've been getting them on my face and neck and my ankles primarily. The company that did my treatment came back twice because I complained and nothing they have done has worked. The first time they dusted more silica powder, the second time (about a week ago) they sprayed and put out some traps "with pheromones" that haven't caught a single bug of any kind. The company is not convinced that the problem is persisting. They say that if I still have bed bugs, I'll notice fecal staining, but I never noticed fecal staining until the problem was very severe and the bugs were very large. I believe the bugs are too small for me to see their feces, since I can only sometimes see their bites. The bites are so so small. The bugs must be at a very underdeveloped stage. I don't understand how a guy who is trained to do this doesn't understand that the bugs are too small for the evidence to be obvious. He just thinks I'm crazy. The bugs are small now, and I'd rather catch them when they're small and the problem isn't horrible. I'm not having "creepy crawlies." I am itching daily and seeing bites on my body. I'm still noticing bites, I'm washing my sheets regularly. I simply don't know what to do or where to go from here because I cannot find a physical bug. My bedroom is doused in silica powder that I've been spraying myself. My mattress is covered with a pesticide cover that is supposed to kill the bed bugs on contact. My partner and I have talked about waking up around 3 am and looking for bugs on our skin to photograph. I don't know how else to prove to the company that the problem is persisting. I don't think this is another kind of bug, I've been dealing with the bed bugs for a while and I feel that I know the nature of the bites. Any advice on how to catch one of these guys? What time of night are they usually out? The heat treatment is only guaranteed for 90 days. I've been dealing with this for so long, please help. Thanks!

  2. Ombugsman

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu Mar 30 2017 16:14:04

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    It's not that unusual for there to be stragglers after the heat treatment of a large infestation. That is why the PCO will typically leave a residual chemical and/or dust after the treatment. For people here to help you, you will need to provide some more information:

    (1) If you're being bitten on the face and neck, it's almost certainly happening when you're sleeping at night. That means the bugs are most likely in the bed itself. Could you describe the bed set-up:
    - Do you have a box spring? Is it encased? If so, what is the brand of the encasement and did you check for tears?
    - What is the brand of your mattress cover? Does it encase the entire mattress and, if so, have you checked for any tears? If not, have you inspected the mattress to try to find any bugs looking along tufts and folds, under any mattress buttons, etc? Does mattress have any tears?
    - What is your bed frame like? Wooden, metal? Where are the potential hiding places on the frame? Have they been treated in any way after the heat treatment?
    - Any headboards or footboards? Upholstered? Any tears?
    - Do you have a quilt, comforter, afghan or anything like that?
    - Is your bed isolated? Is bed away from wall and nightstand? Traps under the legs? What kind of traps?

    (2) Could you confirm that your marks are different from the ones before the heat treatment? They're smaller and there's no puncture mark? Is that correct? And you never had marks like these before the heat treatment?

    (3) What brand of silica powder is spread in your room? Have any other pesticides been used? What is the brand of the traps in the room? Any other monitors or traps?

    (4) Do you have adjoining neighbors? If so, are you aware of any bedbug problems they might have?

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