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Bed Bugs Or Carpet Beetle Larvae

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  1. Chrysanthemum6

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Mon Apr 9 2018 22:58:35

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    I've been terrified of bedbugs my whole life because my parents got them in the 70's before I was born. A few weeks ago I woke up with two bites about an inch apart. Thought they were mosquitos. I took a trip for a week and nothing. Upon my return they started again. Usually two, an inch or so from each other. Becoming paranoid I began to feel phantom crawlers on me. Then one night I was hopping in to bed and see a tiny clear bug. I panic and by the time I gain my wits, I've lost it and am unable to catch it in a ziplock bag. That night I wash everything and tear my room apart. No signs of the critters anywhere. I even cut in to the box spring and nada. What I did find was tiny carcasses of what I believe to be carpet beetle larvae. I thought ok, these little dudes are harmless. Over the next few days as I clean, I find several live ones. At this point I wash EVERYTHING. Vacuum, sprinkle diatomaceous earth, and wash wash wash. But I'm still breaking out in bites or hives a week later. I think I'm going crazy. Sometimes I think the itch spots are from the larvae, but then I think about that tiny clear bug and wonder if I am just beginning to get attacked by bedbugs. I would love advice. Haven't slept in a week and I am debating going into debt to call an exterminator. The house is a three bedroom house plus a bed in the attic and basement.

  2. loubugs

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Tue Apr 10 2018 12:06:29

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    Leave out montors - glue boards, climbup style interceptors, fan-folded paper, small folded cloth. You have to capture with a tissue or square of toilet paper, tape, etc. You can then put all into a Ziplock bag.

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