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Bed bugs or booklice???!!!! Please help!!

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  1. Sickofbugs2018

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Tue Apr 17 2018 2:03:29

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    So a few months ago (maybe about 6 months) I did have bed bugs. It was at the very beginning of the infestation (10 found at the most) they were hiding in the lining of my bed sheets. During this time I saw several, actually mostly, adults. Terminix came in and treated and cleared us weeks later. We never had any more issues. Then about 2 weeks ago I noticed some very tiny (very noticeable) bugs on my baseboards in the 3 rooms and hallway. I react badly to bites from bed bugs as do my children. We have n[img]http://IMG_20180417_011257
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    [/img]ot had any bites but I see these bugs crawling on walls and on my baseboards almost daily. I have not seen any adults at all. Are these booklice or bed bug nymphs?

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