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bed bugs in my car

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  1. Elaine

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Wed Sep 6 2017 13:48:48

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    Hello, I'm new, I will post in Intro forum after this but I want to address my main issue.

    I found an infestation in my apartment, late in July. Already planning to head out of town in a few days, I bought everything new and left it in the car BUT I used a suitcase that I already owned. Was stored on top shelf distant from bedroom, etc, etc. I left it (and the clothes) in my car for 3 weeks or so afterward, in hot weather ...

    The apartment managers sent someone to verify the infestation. They sprayed the whole place while I was out of town and they fogged my bedroom. (Idiots) I slept on the couch when I came back home, with a freshly washed and dried blanket covering the cushions -- I found out that the bugs can bite you through a sheet. I also found bloodstains --several-- where my elderly cat had been lying on the sheet.

    A couple of days after the second treatment I went and lay down in the bedroom (in the daytime) for a few hours, woke with bites all over my waist.

    I went to stay with my mother. Bought new clothes again on the way, changed before I went into the house, threw away what I was wearing... but a couple of days later I left a pair of socks, from a bag that had been opened and left in the trunk of the car, on the bed. Wore the socks that night at work and had a bug traverse my ankle, inside of the sock, biting in a line.

    When I got home I took out the suitcase and examined it carefully under a streetlight. After a good ten minutes with a flashlight, going over every seam, I glimpsed a bug on a zipper, for a second, and then it dived right through the zipper teeth and disappeared.

    One of her daytime helpers had carried the suitcase into the house and set it in the bedroom for a few hours until Mom told her to take it back outside.

    Two days later after work I found another bite on my foot. Told my Mom. We are having the guest bedroom treated. I started sleeping on her couch. I can't stand to go into the bedroom any more.

    I threw the suitcase away along with all of my papers that were in it, baked all of the clothes and bagged them. I cleaned everything out of the car and I threw away the trunk mat -- I hated doing it but I did not have a good car vac and could not get one for a week. I've now started vacuuming the car.

    I change my clothes in the garage every time I come home from work, wash and dry at a laundromat and bake the hell out of everything, treat my shoes with rubbing alcohol. I leave my purse in the car. (Yesterday I looked it over seam by seam. Nothing.) I double-bag the clothes and bedding after they've been dried and I'm leaving everything in the garage, not bringing it into the house, except for a couple of days ago when I forgot what I was doing due to exhaustion (I work until midnight), and I put on the same clothes I had worn while driving to work again when I got home and slept in them. I woke up with another bite on my foot. Positive identification.

    Also I went back to the apartment a few days ago, for a few minutes, picked up some shoes that had already been treated and bagged, sealed them in another bag along with a few other items before putting them in my car. Had a possible bite on the ankle the next day.

    I've asked the exterminators to examine and treat the couch the next time they come. There isn't anywhere else for me to sleep except my Mom's bed which I am ashamed to say I did use last night, wearing a new tee shirt that has not been in the car since I brought it home double bagged and baked as hell. And left in the garage. With all other trash-bags of clothes and stuff which have been in and out of the car. I label the bags that are fresh from the laundromat but it is still difficult to keep track and I worry that a bug might ride into the garage on the surface of a trash bag. Do they do that?

    At this point I am totally paranoid and going nuts. Writing about the bugs makes my month-old rashes come alive. Every prickle or itch I feel makes me want to go into the bathroom and strip. I haven't told my mother about the new bite(s). She is in poor health and I am having waking nightmares about bringing these bugs into her life. My stomach hurts so much that I can't stand up straight.

    I have depression/anxiety, I'm suicidal, I already had issues with this before I met up with bed bugs.

    I don't go anywhere except to work (I change in the bathroom) and shopping. No one rides in my car. I dusted it with DE yesterday and then today I read not to use DE in a car because you could breathe it. Great, I'm going have dessicated lungs.

    I've told the exterminator about the car. He can't find anything of course, it's a black interior and I don't know how many bugs there are, but I'm certain the numbers are increasing. I put the infested suitcase into the car just over a month ago.

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Wed Sep 6 2017 13:52:42

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    The bite locations are suspect, I don't believe bed bugs are the cause. Inside a sock and along the waist would mean passing up perfectly good, open feeding areas to get to these spots. That and the lack of evidence makes me think something else is to blame.

  3. IckIck

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Wed Sep 6 2017 17:45:28

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    Elaine, if you really think it's the car, you can have it treated. Our PCO charged about $300 to treat two cars. We had taken our neighbor's infested laundry to the laundromat before she knew they had bedbugs, so I was very concerned about the car. I certainly understand feeling overwhelmed and miserable and paranoid about these darn bugs. Please, as everyone recommends, consider speaking to a professional therapist or physician if you need more emotional support. I think it helps a lot to talk to others, especially on this forum where everyone understands how tough this situation can be. Good luck and we will be rooting for you. I know we will ALL get through this, you will too.

  4. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu Sep 7 2017 17:14:57

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    I'm sorry you are going through all that.

    The site has a policy (explained in the forum rules) that threads which mention suicide are closed and the forum user is given the following information:

    Sometimes people tell us they are feeling suicidal because of bed bugs. We are not equipped or trained to offer counseling here.

    If you are feeling suicidal or thinking of harming yourself, now or in the future, please tell a professional and get help immediately.
    Call your doctor (or therapist, if you have one).
    Or go to an emergency room.
    Please do not ignore it or try to deal with it on your own.

    You can also call a hotline. In the US, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK.

    Anyone (worldwide) can email or phone the Samaritans. They have branches in various countries and are highly regarded and can help you by giving you a space to talk. They can also help direct you to local resources.

    Suicide: Read this First may also help.

    In addition to depression and suicidal feelings, a number of people have suffered from anxiety due to bed bugs.

    In this case also, please seek a professional counselor's input. We have heard from a number of Bedbuggers that speaking to a professional can really help. If you are on a limited budget, your doctor should be able to help direct you to resources with no fee or a sliding scale.

    We understand the stress and hardship this problem can cause, but if you have bed bugs, you can get through it and you will enjoy life again.

    Sorry to close your thread.

    Whenever you are ready, feel free to post again in a new thread to discuss the bed bug-related aspects of your situation.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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