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Bed Bugs in Japan

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    Sat Oct 21 2017 11:04:51

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    I am currently living in Japan but moved here about a month ago from the US. I had bed bugs in my room in the States for over 5 months before coming to Japan and I seem to have taken them with me.

    I first discovered I had bed bugs in April. I was living with my parents while attending school. The bugs were seemingly only in my room, so my parents didn't see them as a pressing issue (to themselves) and refused to call for professional help. I was not in a good enough financial situation where I could pay for professional treatment by myself. My parents bought Cimexa and Bedlam for me but they were ineffective and thus I lived with bed bugs for over 5 months before coming to Japan. When packing I took precautions and made sure to wash and dry all clothing that could be washed and dried and inspected everything. I packed everything from the dryer directly into my suitcase in the laundry room but apparently that wasn't enough.

    Since coming here I've noticed new bites and have possibly seen a bed bug in my sink -- I didn't get a close look at it before it went down the drain. I live in a tiny one room apartment and am living off of scholarship funds, which I won't receive until the end of the month. Here are my key issues:
    -Bed bugs aren't common in Japan, so I have been unable to find any insecticides sold here that target bed bugs.
    -I've seen sprays and treatments on Amazon but they're vastly overpriced (over $200!). I am unable to afford them and unwilling to pay that markup.
    -I purchased some Diatomaceous Earth online from a seller because I couldn't find any in stores here but don't think it's working. There are spiders in my room but they aren't dying and it has been two weeks since I've put down the powder.
    -Driers aren't common here and I don't see any options on my washer for a hot water cycle.
    -I'm renting my bed through my school and it's some weird hospital-looking folding type where the mattress portion is made up of two foam cushions that attach to the metal frame so I can't use a mattress protector. The legs of the frame aren't actual legs, it's a bar that goes horizontally across along both ends of the bed, so I can't use any of those bed leg traps.

    How do I go about finally getting rid of these things? These past 6 months have been a nightmare. I thought I'd finally be rid of them when I got here, only to find out they've followed me.

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