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Bed bugs in apartment/ landlord is doing heated thermal treatment

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sat Mar 11 2017 0:10:02

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    It has now been a full month I have been living in this apartment, within the first week I started getting bites on my ankles, I thought it was a rash and quickly it started to worsen and go up my legs i finally got a clump on my back about two weeks in and I went to the doctor that had told me it's either bed bugs or fleas, I had a dog at the time (no longer do) and we treated him for fleas looked in his fur for bugs and found nothing! So we canceled out that thought, after the clump I thought it was bed bugs and after complaining to my landlord which has been over two weeks now it is finally on way next week to come treat the place with what they call thermal solution, has anyone else had this done and what is the statistic on how well it works? My concern is that my stuff is infested and that I won't be able to move out of this apartment as soon as they do the heat treatment, as explained to me they said they are coming in to do heat treatment and do our furniture, after that they cover our beds and box spring and set up traps on the bed frames, my worry is that they are already in my belongings though I haven't been able to find one but have been recieving bites every now and then, only one or two bites at a time in different locations, my daughter sleeping on couch has had no bites so far but me sleeping on floor next to her I get one every one or two days later, I also had purchased totes to put my belongings in in the meantime, I vacuumed my shoes and put them into one and I put my daughters plastic toys in another have washed and dryed items like (clothing, stuffed animals ) and bagged them I stored them at another place after doing so that I did not get the bed bugs back into my stuff after, even though my infestation does not seem too bad in that regard I am still concerned on how well this is actually going to work, they had a dog come in and smell and said there was evidence of bed bugs in apartment (fecal matter) but no actual proof I am storing other items in bins as well( how well does that help my situation) I haven't lived here long and I wanna move as soon as this is over but what are the chancEs i won't bring them with me? Do I have to get rid of my furniture to be safe I have pictures, books,papers,clothes that I haven't bagged and washed yet and the bed bug guy said why would they live in the closet on my clothes and stuff when I'm sure after I washed an item in just the washer I hung it up in said closet, my purses, my leather jackets, in the front closet have yet to be washed but to be precautious should I do it all? Why are they telling me those aren't the concern and after the heat treatment that'll bring out the bugs and when I sleep on my bed the traps should trap them? I have read tons about other experiences but I don't hear much about the heat treatment and why people are turning down the spray option like it doesn't work.. I had bed bugs years ago at my parents house and we dealt with it fine, they explained that the bed bugs are all over the apartment not just in mine and that before I moved in a while ago it was just one apartment that had bed bugs and they had sprayed and it didn't seem to work, I assume shitty policy for taking care of your shit after they sprayed and not taking necessary steps to avoid the bugs from coming back and after I had explained I was getting bites it turns out I was the first to complain only after living there for barely two weeks about bug bites!!! Mind you I haven't found evidence of one and man have I looked everywhere... I vacuum almost every night I have done all that I can to keep the place clean in meantime I am pregnant and expecting in less then 4 months and I don't need a reinfestation so I'm wondering how I can get outta here and not bring them with me. And any tips on what I should be doing to avoid taking those fuckers with me. Not pardoning my language I'm pretty pissed that landlords let me move in here with my family to experience bed bugs when I don't need it.. also will better sealing the walls help me if there were another case of bed bugs because I assume it came from the person across from me, seeing as the caretaker notified me on which apartments do have them because I've been a nosey asshole but that's because in regards to my situation I didn't need it... thank you all please help me stay sane! I've been depressed and crying for weeks and It isn't good for me or baby but I can't help it! This is so awful

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