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  1. fkbedbugs

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Thu Nov 22 2012 4:24:55

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    Well, the good news is I moved, I no longer have bedbugs and I moved out of an apartment into a house becuase I cannot stand the thought of anyone's walls being connected to mine.

    The bad news is I am now broke, spent thousands to move, buy encasements, treatments, ziploc bags, the works. I can deal with that because nothing lasts forever.

    I am also anxious because I never want to go throgh that ever again.

    I am trying to release the anger I have against one of my former best friends who gave me bedbugs ( and five other friends). I will call her J and her downtown apt was so filthy and infested she was evicted from her apt. a year ago.

    I knew she had mental health issues, but I was not aware that she was no longer keep her apt very well. I never visited her, she always visited me and my other friends. She waited to tell all of us untill she was evicted for an nfestation so severe the Health Dept got involved. One of my other friends hrlped her moved and described the scene as something out of a horror movie, with bugs everywhere, climbing the walls, in her mountains of dirty clothes, on the floors. Makes me shutter becuase my situation was nothing like that.

    Since I found out i had them, I severed all ties with anyone who had anything to do with her, and anyone who had an infestation. Basically, I was pretty angry that my new vehicle, my furniture, everything I worked hard for I had to throw away or pay an exterminator to nuke it for me.

    So now, here I am living in a house that is 200 dollars more a month then my last apartment.
    My sister says I need to let it go, I am trying, it's just a slow and hard process to recover from that and forgive someone.

    Meanwhile, I have become very religious about cleaning, vacuuming, washing all the linenes in our homes weekly. I put Bounce Dryer Sheets anywhere I store clothing, when I do laundry , once it's clean, I put anything that does not go on a hanger in Big Ziploc Bags. I keep Cedar Shavings and Mothballs in the closets, or under furniture. I use cleaning products like Murphy's Oil Soap, Dawn, Lysol, Clorox Clean Up, Apple Cider Vinegar, Borax, stuff I know repels them.

    I am very anxious, I am afraid to go to movies, If I go out in public and I have to sit somwhere, I get nervous, go home and wash everything, shoes included. My purse stayin the trunk of my car. I wish I would just get over it already. I am tired of being afraid of getting BB's again.

    Can anyone relate?

  2. ScaredInTheCity

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Sat Mar 9 2013 18:55:00

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    I know you posted about 3 months ago and you were asking if anyone relates: I relate!!
    see my post from earlier today:

    Although I didn't have a confirmed infestation, I think the emotional part is still there.
    I also think certain kinds of personalities are hit harder than others!!!!

    I hope you are doing better, moving on with your life & are enjoying your new bed bug free house

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