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bed bugs again after 1 year

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Mon Aug 25 2008 13:31:08

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    Hi there. I found this site last year, and credit it with getting rid of my bed bug problem. I had been bed bug free for about 12 months, when last week i noticed 10 red bumps on my inner arm. i freaked out. how could i have bed bugs again after a year of being bed bug free? I thought i had put this whole thing behind me, but i'm right back where i started. I believe that i had done my part in getting rid of these bugs. I had a PCO come in Twice. and spray my upstairs neighbors. 30 days after the first treatment i had not been bitten or seen any signs of bugs. the spray had a strong residual quality so even other kinds of bugs had been dying on our floor all year round. how could this have happened again.

    I have new neighbours that moved in a couple months ago. They have told me that the previous tenant had left a vintage couch behind him. I'd always been a little concerned that he was the source of our problem in the first place because he picked them up traveling. Could it be that he was not thorough with his de-infestation responsibilities, and now we are suffering again? or could it be that they've just magically re-appeared on their own accord? either way, i am more equipped to deal with this now, but less than than thrilled to have to do it again.
    any advice would be appreciated.

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