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Bed Bugs after m.i.a. for 6 yrs and self-denial. How do I really know??

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    Mon Oct 8 2018 20:32:37

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    Hi everyone,

    The last time I posted or visited the forums was over 6 yrs ago. Unfortunately I'm back.

    Never had another incident of those bastards for 6 yrs after everything was treated to hell and back but I recently went through a major health incident and my room was turned over, gutted and redone without my consent when I was in the hospital (that's something I dont want to get into as it still pisses me off). Old bed was thrown out, including mattress. Everything that was sealed in the bed storage was unsealed etc etc. Weeks later, I had to go into the new bed's storage and I found an adult bed bug on the underside at the foot of the bed. I kinda doubt it was from the initial infestation as I don't think it would have survived 6 years in a hostile environment, but the new mattress got a zippered cover, everything was resealed or thrown out and the new bed and room was treated. Then found another adult just there where my hoodies now are, rinse and repeat. I was thinking that they came in from work or transit but I may be wrong.

    I havent had any incident of the bugs in my things or room (im super paranoid now so I inspect weekly) with an exception of seeing a small dead one in the storage space dried up in the D.E. a few weeks back. But now my mother has been experiencing bites for a few weeks now. She started out getting the typical bites pattern, but her storage space is packed and she didn't want to do any steaming of her bed or putting down D.E until we get a pco in so she just sprayed. It's been a few weeks now she's still getting bites all over in no pattern, or in her words "allergic reactions". She first blamed them on the spray she used, the medication she was a tester for and now the Golden Berries she finished off.

    I have no damn idea to do about her. The more I try to tell her that she needs to do more, the more she doubles down. She does medical trials for a place who has repeated bed bug incidents occasionally so she may have picked up some there as she doesn't take any real precautions but it could have stemmed from my travellers. I'd try to get a pco in but I know she'd refuse as she doesnt want to do the prep work and I don't make that much to afford the ones who do heat treatments if they even are available where I live. I dont know what the hell do it as I'm sure it could be bugs but I may be wrong. What's a good method to at least know finally if it is the bastards or not and I can work from there.

    Sorry bout the word vomit. Just reaching my end here.

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