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Bed bugs??? [expert stain ID needed]

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  1. shaheera

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Sun Aug 28 2016 11:56:21

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    Hi, I have a quick question. I recently moved into a house I rented and the room I have had a box spring and mattress already present there so I began to use it. While I was vacuuming the room/mattress I noticed two little dots on a corner of the box spring and one above on the mattress. I wet a cue tip and rubbed it against the spots and they smeared with a brown tinge on the cue tip. Now i'm really concerned that I have bed bugs!! while cleani[list]ng the room ( it's carpeted) I haven't really noticed anything and I haven't gotten bit per say either. I do have bites on my legs but I didn't get those overnight and I think they are chigger related. Please could someone help me !!! I'm really worried

    box spring


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