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  1. mlmorg03

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Wed May 28 2014 15:42:32

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    My boyfriend and I are a young couple, 22 and 23, who have been together 6 years. We were ecstatic to purchase our first home together this spring. We found the perfect little 3 bedroom and put an offer down. After it was accepted we had a termite inspection and a home inspection. No worries all around. We finally closed on the house late april and began moving our things in on a monday night around 6pm. We had about 4 friends helping us, 6 people in the home total.

    Around 11 pm my boyfriend approached me and said "I don't want to freak you out, but I think we have a problem." We walked down the hallway to the back two bedrooms and the FLOOR was ALIVE. There were hundreds of little reddish brown bugs. They were crawling everywhere. All over the floor, all over the walls, all over the mattress. I knew immediately we needed to leave. We had a pest inspection the next day and got the bad news. Bed bugs. An extreme infestation with bugs in every single room of the home. The worst rooms were the back two bedrooms.

    How did our inspectors miss this? The home was a flip for the realtor who sold it. He had the home completely remodeled. We found out that the NEIGHBORS even knew that the home was infested. They had spoken to the contractors while they were flipping the house and they had said there were bugs everywhere. We contacted the realtor who owned the home and sold it to us, he refused to help and said he didn't know about it and it wasn't his responsibility. (Lies) After pushing him further he admitted he had the home treated 3 times while they were renovating. So after talking to lawyers, we are considering suing him for all the money we spent, (they call it seller disclosure fraud) but that is besides the point.

    When we found out I started scouring the web and I ended up on this website tons of times. I just wanted to share what worked for us.

    We hired a pest control company to perform a heat treatment at the cost of 1400$. The home was treated and when I reentered I was still seeing live bugs. I immediately called the company and they came out to do a spray treatment two days later. He assured me he would spray the entire house top to bottom. For the next 2 weeks we would come to the house and spend time cleaning and just being in it. We did the dry ice carbon dioxide trick several nights in a row in hopes of bringing out new bugs. Our pest control company told us we needed to move in so that any remaining bugs would come out but we were honestly too freaked out to move in right away. Every night I would fill buckets with dry ice and set them in each room. Every morning I would find new bugs, dead or dying, around the buckets.

    Its been a full month and a we had a follow up inspection and they found no bugs. We are bed bug free. This website was so helpful for us. Thank you!

    April 21 - closed on home, found infestation
    April 22- Home inspected by pest control company
    April 28 - Heat treatment performed 1400$
    April 29- Re entered home, saw live bugs on the ceiling and walls
    May 1- Home sprayed top to bottom.
    May 1 - 13 Visited home and set out dry ice buckets and moved in furniture. Killed live bugs frequently during these weeks, but they began to slowly decrease.
    May 14- Moved in and began sleeping in the home. Purchased mattress encasements and climb up interceptors for bed and couch.
    May 19- First monthly inspection and another spray treatment. No bugs or signs of bugs found.
    May 19 - now -- No signs of anything in 2 weeks. No bites, no dead bugs, no live bugs. We signed a 6 month contract, 60$ a month to have our home inspected and sprayed again every month.

    Just wanted to say thank you to all the forum admin and users who helped ease my anxiety by reading all the other posts, I was afraid we would never get our home back.

    Well atleast we have a first time home buyers story to tell right? We had a warm welcome to the home owners club.

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Wed May 28 2014 16:23:59

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    Thanks for sharing your story and congratulations on eliminating the problem.

    I know sometimes heat treatments don't eliminate all bed bugs but it sounds like it left a LOT behind in your case.

    Note that monthly treatment plans are not recommended for preventing or controlling bed bugs. If you have bed bugs, you need treatment more frequently. If you don't have bed bugs, a monthly spray won't help prevent them, according to experts.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."
  3. theyareoutthere

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Wed May 28 2014 17:47:54

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    Thanks for sharing. It will be interesting to hear what the experts say. I would think if any visitors were in a room more than 15 minutes or so, they would notice.

    So, a home inspector may not have run across them.

    Sorry to ask, but was there a lot of fecal or other signs that you could see as you moved in? It seems odd that there weren't any signs (cast skins, fecal, etc) on the walls, or baseboards, etc. I've always wondered that about ground zero type places.

    Shame on that realtor! And, I'm so sorry you went through this.

    = TAOT
  4. mlmorg03

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Fri May 30 2014 0:11:34

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    The home was vacant for around 6 months while the realtor flipped it. He had everything remodeled, new carpet, new kitchen, and new bathroom and every room had a fresh coat of paint, so we had no signs when we moved in. The house looked perfect and clean. Our pest control guys said they wish they could have seen the condition that the home was in before they painted, they said exactly what you posted that there would've have been fecal stains, casings, everything. I forgot to mention that we had the garage sprayed as well, because we saw some in there on a work bench.

    The pest control team also talked about how bed bugs can go dormant and survive without food. But if there was a team of people working on the home all the time I don't know if they would have gone dormant? I also do not know how long the home was empty after they completely finished remodeling and put it on the market, so maybe that was a factor.

    Our neighbors told us that the previous owners knew that they had bed bugs and left it untreated, and that they had people living in the garage so that explains the garage bed bugs.

    I would like to have the home inspected again before the next monthly spraying, just to be safe.
    Like I said I still haven't seen any thing. I checked in between our mattresses and what not today. Is it true that bed bugs will crawl on the ceiling and drop down onto the bed, if they cant crawl up the legs because of interceptors?

    I will have a bed bug inspection the next time I purchase a home! Its just not something I had ever thought about.

    Thanks for the well wishes. Hopefully I never have to post an update about finding more bugs. Yikes.

  5. bbbgoneforeverplease

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Mon Jul 14 2014 10:03:03

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    Hi, did the PCO say anything about WHY they thought the heat treatment did not get all the bugs? Did you have a lot of things in boxes and they harbored there and they were cold spots? Just wondering since going thermal is so expensive and many are reluctant if it is not a complete fix.

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