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Bed bug smears?

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  1. cajunsinsation

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    Posted 11 months ago
    Thu Apr 5 2018 8:33:04

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    I’m really nervous. Had a sulfuryl fluoride tent treatment done a month ago. I’ve noticed some small dry black spots on the sheets since then, but today was the first time I found two that smeared jet black on a paper towel. My kids and I have also noticed a few random bites.

    BUT...I did detect a flea infestation on the dogs and in the yard. I’m trying to get it under control, but I am still noticing some fleas. Also, I placed a few bed bug glue traps near the beds recently and it picked up fleas, but not BB’s.

    The thing that concerns me is the black smearing. I don’t know if that can happen with fleas as I have only ever heard of them smearing a rust color.

    What are the odds that this could actually be BB’s even after sulfuryl fluoride? I am unable to upload the pic but basically it’s exactly as it sounds, a tiny round speck that smears black.

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