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Bed bug prep services and furniture removal - Philadelphia

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  1. Kass2010

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Fri Sep 21 2012 18:08:03

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    Just wanted to pass along this information for present and future BB victims here in Philly, as it was pretty difficult finding a company that offers these services in this area. Prodigy Pest Solutions, which offers both extermination as well as prep and furniture removal services. The proprietor, Matt Kelley, is fantastic - really awesome customer service, and a real professional.

    After completing treatment and getting permission from my PCO, I was pretty desperate to get rid of my mattress and bed frame - yes, I know it's not always necessary, but for my peace of mind and ability to sleep, it basically was. I spent Sunday evening emailing various companies, and Matt actually got back to me that same evening. All the details were worked out in a wonderfully straightforward, reassuring, and courteous manner, and Matt very kindly fit me in the next morning. The entire process was truly seamless, and I couldn't have been happier with how everything worked out. Not only is Matt (and his team) professional, experienced, and amazing at getting the job done, but it was clear to me how invested he is in customer service and his clients. I don't need to explain to anyone who's dealt with bed bugs how traumatic it is - anyone who makes the "recovery" process easier (and dare I say, even pleasant!), and is just overall so professional, courteous, and reassuring, is not easy to find.

    I will also note that I contacted other companies (mostly junk removal companies, and a few pest control ones), and was unable to find one that 1) would perform the services, or 2) would, but not in such a meticulous, reassuring manner with steaming, wrapping, etc. (and yes, this was even after I disclosed my BB situation).

    So, basically, as I concluded on my review on Angie's list, although I hope to never have to deal with bed bugs again, and therefore hope never to become a repeat customer of Prodigy Pest Solutions, I would, without reservation, recommend their services to anyone dealing with them in Philadelphia, and actually, am really grateful they offer prep services as well, as that can be one of the most difficult parts of treatment (as all of you know!).

  2. BurritoCat

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Tue Sep 20 2016 9:54:46

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    FYI, I just reached out to Matt about my own bedbug problem, and he said that they no longer do mattress removal.

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