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Bed Bug Insurance?

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  1. Chug Bugz

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Wed Jan 6 2016 13:06:24

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    I found a small family of bed bugs in our bed right around New Years and will be having a local company with a great reputation come out and heat treat our entire house this Friday. You best believe I was majorly freaked about the cost of this treatment, tax included it will be $1,700 but after perusing this site and reading the posts where people quantify how much they spend and seeing people go deep into thousands of dollars of expenditure, it helps lend some perspective. Anyways the entomologist who came out told me that the treatment is guaranteed for 90 days and then beyond that one can subscribe to their routine pest services and pay SIXTY dollars a year for "bed bug coverage" and have any future treatments, including a completely new infestation from another source covered with NO deductible. I have read non-stop on this site since finding my little guys and hadn't seen anything like this. It seems just too good to be true. Has anyone had experience with this kind of thing? The entomologist said its not one of a kind, that other players in the local market offer it as well. I live in central Texas. Just wondering if anyone had experience with this type of product offered by a pest company.

  2. Distressed in NJ

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Wed Jan 6 2016 17:45:15

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    I've never heard of such a thing as bed bug insurance before, but I certainly hope this is true. It would be well worth having and for a very small price, at that.

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